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Polly Ambassadors are professional language teachers available for private, one-to-one tutoring.

Sign-up is fast and easy! You'll enter your information, record an intro video, and schedule an interview.

Earn money by teaching your native language

First-time tutor or seasoned professional? We'll find the right students for you.

Complete schedule flexibly

Choose part-time, full-time, or only a few hours a month. You decide your hours.

Work from anywhere

Teach from home, a hotel or even the beach. Wherever as long as it has it video-chat capable Internet.

Continue your own language education

Every Ambassador gets a free Polly Passport for as long as they're in the program.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Polly Ambassadors?

Polly Ambassadors are language instructors available for live video sessions.

The only way to fluency is by interacting with native speakers. Polly Ambassadors offer that experience over the Internet.

Students can arrange for particular lessons with Ambassadors. Common topics include pronunciation, conversation practice, and local dialects.

How do I become a Polly Ambassador?

You can start by filling out the application form.

What qualifications do I need?

What we’re looking for is equal parts passion and knowledge! While we prefer candidates with teaching experience, if you have extensive understanding of your language’s grammar and intricacies, and can easily pass it on, then you’re more than welcome to apply.

How much does it pay?

Ambassadors set their own hourly rates. The decision to offer 30-minute trial lessons and discounted prices for 5- and 10-session bundles is also an individual choice.

No matter what rates are chosen, Ambassadors receive 85% of the proceeds.

How do I get paid?

Currently, we only offer payment through PayPal.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made by request. Funds are made available for withdrawal seven business days after the completion of corresponding video sessions.

What sort of technology do I need?

You will need a WebCam and audio headset. Currently our live-video services are only available through Chrome and Firefox.

What happens if I miss a video session?

If you miss a class the first thing you should is contact the student to apologize and explain the circumstances.

Depending on the situation, such as if you missed the class for unavoidable delays, arrangements can be with the student to reschedule the video session. Otherwise the student will be issued a full refund.

What if I don't have much teaching experience?

Within our video chat module we offer collaborative learning tools (based on our interactive lessons) that enable even inexperienced tutors to offer our students a rewarding experience.

Of course we expect tutors with less experience to set their rate accordingly.

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